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Yoyo Tricks are the essential of modern yo-yoing, there is infinite amount of tricks and yoyo players come up with new tricks everyday. There are also basic tricks, that everyone starts with. We have filmed these basic tricks into video tutorials and prepared them for you to help you become a yoyoer.

YoYoFactory — Grind Machine

The all new Grind Machine yo-yo features a full polycarbonate body and utilizes our patented Hubstack technology. With hub stacks you can literally grab the yo-yo from the sides and hold it! Or better yet instead of throwing just pull start the Grind Machine. This is an unresponsive yo

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YoyoFactory Yo-yos Yoyofactory is a new school pro level yoyo manufacturer, and they make terrific yoyos . Whether it is metal or plastic yoyos, adjustable gaps, or just a plain looping yo yo, they have it all.

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YoYoFactory Grind Machine The funky YoYoFactory plastic YoYo with hub stacks! Next generation yo-yo performance. The Grind Machine is the first non-metal yo-yo to feature YoYoFactory's patented triple bearing hubstack technology.

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The all new Grind Machine yo-yo features a full polycarbonate body and is the first yo-yo to feature a fully functioning version of YoYoFactory's ever famous hub stacks.

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The Grind Machine by Yoyo Factory is a new, all plastic player that performs like a metal yo yo, without the high price. The Grind Machine produces an excellent extended spin time right out of the box, which every yoyoer can appreciate. The Grind Machine yoyo is the very first plastic yoyo on the market to feature the YYF triple bearing Hub Stack system, which allows the yo yo to be held while ...

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YoYoFactory had designed wide yoyos in the past to offer a new experience, but the Atlas was a special project in order to make the best wide yoyo for competitions. There are many benefits to having a wide yoyo for contests, the most obvious being the large area to catch the string, making impossible whip catches an easy reality. Designed with performance in mind, YoYoFactory took the Atlas to ...

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The Grind Machine was the very first release in YoYoFactory's Redline (now known as Project Red Alert) series, and their first metal yo-yo that did not use the F.A.S.T. response system, instead coming included with three sets of interchangeable response pads, each made of a …

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YoYoFactory - Grind Machine The plastic yo-yo with hubstacks you can take anywhere and play with at anytime. The Plastic Grind Machine, known amongst Japanese players as the "pura gura" is a much-loved remake of the now-discontinu

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The YoYoFactory Legend is a yo-yo just like you remember from the good ... YoYoFactory Grind Machine Unresponsive YoYo ( Color : Purple and Green ) by YoYoFactory

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The yoyo that changed the future of yoyo design and warps the way we interact with yoyos altogether. Using YoYoFactory's patent pending triple bearing hubstack™ design, the G5 features full-sized Z-stacks that introduce an entirely new realm of possible yoyo tricks.

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With the Legend Yo Yo, the YoyoFactory has made its own version of the standard classic wooden yo yo. And they did a great job too! YoYoFactory is about more than modern technology, we also believe in the story and the history of yoyo.

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The Plastic Grind Machine, often abbreviated PGM, is YoYoFactory's first high-end plastic yo-yo. It features hubstacks, and removable rubber O-rings in the thumb grind area to allow you to change the weight slightly (weighing at about 1.25g each).

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YoYoFactory также производит Йо-Йо для детей и новичков, с которыми любой сможет освоить все базовые трюки для развлечения себя и своих друзей, а в последствии стать Чемпионом.

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YYF Grind Machine YoYoFactory - All Plastic Hub Stack Yo-Yo The all new Grind Machine yo-yo features a full polycarbonate body and is the first yo-yo to feature a fully functioning version of YoYoFactory's ever famous hub stacks.

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New YoYoFactory Restock! YoYoExpert December 5, 2014 0. YoYoFactory Just sent us some great yo-yos in amazing new colors! The Space Cowboy, Horizon, Cypher, and Grind Machine!

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YYF Grind Machine YoYoFactory - All Plastic Hub Stack Yo-Yo The all new Grind Machine yo-yo features a full polycarbonate body and is the first yo-yo to feature a fully functioning version of YoYoFactory's ever famous hub stacks.

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Grind Machine w/ Hubstacks by YoYoFactory The Grind Machine is a large size all plastic yo-yo with the play, feel, and precision of a metal yo-yo. ... Fast Velocity YF17

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About Yoyofactory. YoYoFactory® was founded in 2003 by USA based International Yo-Yo superstar YoHans (Hans Van Dan Elzen). His focus was on creating unique patented technology that would actually make playing with a Yo-Yo a more enjoyable experience.

YoyoFactory Grind Machine

YoyoFactory Grind Machine является уникальным комбинированным йо йо с хабстеками. Аналогов данной комбинации найти фактически невозможно.

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The Grind Machine yoyo has hubstack technology that allows the player to grab the yoyo while it is spinning. The Grind Machine is also great for string tricks!

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YoYoFactory Arrow. The Arrow is a great new beginner-intermediate adjustable-response throw from YoYoFactory! Developed to be tough and suitable for beginners, or intermediate players that want to step-up to unresponsive play, the Arrow gives you both options with the included full-size C bearing!

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YoYoFactory was born in 2004 with a focus on functional technology to improve the playing experience. This has been a goal of the company which relies on the experience gathered from over 30 years of demonstrating yoyos around the planet.

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2012-06-10· just some tricks with the yyf factory grind machine. mine is black body green hubs and rims i defenitly recomend getting one. i got mine from: